Just bought a block of land in Tasmania and would like to graze animals but don’t know where to begin?

Too often people jump straight in and make mistakes that take years to remedy.  There is a lot to learn and not enough time to learn it.

Would you like start to finish advice and assistance from an expert consultant with 30 years of experience in grazing and livestock management?

  • Assessing land capabilities, planning and assisting with improvements;
  • Organising soil tests, monitoring plant nutrient levels, and soil compaction levels;
  • Determining the best animals for the property, be that cattle, sheep, goats or other species;
  • Assessing the impact of native animals;
  • Developing a grazing management plan, that fits your farm and your lifestyle;
  • Obtaining the best outcomes within your budget;
  • Obtaining and coordinating preferential rates on fencing and infrastructure improvements;
  • Advising on the readiness of your livestock for market, on transport and the options to obtain the best price, thus ensuring your grazing is not just sustainable, but also profitable.

Initial consultation and development of a plan: $800 (including initial two hour site visit and subsequent one hour consultation on completion of plan).

Further assistance available at negotiated rates.